Overseas Vietnamese is the global community of Overseas Vietnamese professionals - an inspiring, inclusive, diverse community and the go-to destination for the personal and professional development of Overseas Vietnamese.

We connect our people, grow together, and give back to each other.



Connect /

OV provides a platform to connect like-minded Vietnamese people around the world. In our Slack space, members discuss and chat about any topic ranging from career to arts to the future of Vietnam. We organize regular meetups in cities with a major Vietnamese population. We also host events where expert members share their knowledge and experiences. 


> We foster conversation to create meaningful and lasting relationships. 


Grow /

OV is a strong network of striving professionals. Members discuss and offer invaluable advice on life, career, and self-development. Our seniors take on our juniors to mentor. We also provide internal job offers and referrals. 


> We promote a culture of support and solidarity to create growth opportunities for everyone.


Give-back /

OV takes a neutral stance on political opinions and the historical past of Vietnam. We have a healthy love for our origin and country. We aim to contribute to the economic and social development of Vietnam. We are grateful to belong to a unique culture and a colorful nation.


> We want to do good and give back to our community.